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Challenges and Solutions of Human Resources during COVID-19 outbreak

Challenges and Solutions of Human Resources during COVID-19 outbreak

Challenges and Solutions of Human Resources during COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak has changed the perspective of work when several countries have enforced the severe locked down restrictions. The outbreak has posed serious challenges to human resources personnel to keep track and maintain regular communication with employees. Remote work has compelled organizations to amend their policies and provide the best possible employee-support solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you proceed to this article, you will find the key challenges of human resources and how technologies give them a beautiful solution to tackle the ongoing outbreak.



CEOs, Managers, and Staff personnel are facing a void of their mutual communication in remote work and virtual medium. Without a proper communication channel, it is difficult for the top official to be in sync with managers and staff personnel. It is a difficult task to congregate all employees one platform because either they don’t have access to the technology or not get trained to the concerned technology. HR personnel is facing difficulties taking video interviews with the candidates. Most of the time candidates have no access to that technology.

Communication Gap: A Major Issue during COVID-19 pandemic

Rapid Policy Change

Every company is amending policies on the wake of coronavirus outbreak. The HR department has the highest responsibilities(1)to make aware of the latest policies for workers and new employees. HR personnel is responsible to introduce the policy change to the working employees. Employers need flexible hours to complete their chores. They should constantly conduct webinars to give advice and necessary tools to the employees. Start-up and new emerging companies are facing difficulties to change their policies citing financial resources.



Virtual Media

HR personnel keeps track of interviews via Skype or Zoom to the candidates. Excel, Google Sheet, Google docs, and e-mail become the inevitable tools to connect the employees about important guidelines and work assessment. Eightfold.ai(2)has known as the best AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform. They are helping organizations to recruit candidates by incorporating online events. It is shedding light on the recruitment process by identifying promising candidates and retaining top performers.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Companies of all sizes can incorporate ATS to search, organize, and communicate with a large group of candidates. ATS is a human resources software(3)that can accommodate a large pool of applicant data. HR personnel can select the candidate by sorting keywords like skills, location, education level, candidate experience, etc.  In the time of coronavirus pandemic, recruiters can perform all recruitment processes online by interview scheduling and onboarding functionality of ATS. ATS encompasses knockout questions to narrow down the pool of applicants. If any of the knockout questions are answered incorrectly, your application will be rejected. After that recruiters select candidates based on their specific keywords.

Applicant Tracking System: An agile approach of recruitment

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 pandemic has given nice opportunities for companies to build a fine roadmap in the event of a pandemic and locked down condition. HR management has tremendously benefitted by smart and agile technologies like AI and mobile supercomputing. Many organizations have been utilizing this opportunity to re-skilling their workforce. Companies can develop an ecosystem dedicated to creating an AI-powered skills inventory, reskilling, and exploring new possibilities for recruitment services.




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